Toledo’s spring cleaning day, set for Saturday, June 4, got a major boost last week when the City of Toledo offered a hazardous waste dumpster for public use that day.

The hazmat dumpster will be located behind City Hall and will be accepting used oil, antifreeze, car batteries, propane tanks, fluorescent lights, flammable solvents, lawn and garden chemicals and household cleaners. Empty or partially empty paint cans will not be accepted. For more information on disposing of hazardous materials, contact Lewis County Waste Management Services at (360) 740-1221.

Volunteers have identified and proposed several large clean-up projects and are looking for local groups and clubs to take charge of these tasks. Among these projects are cleaning and repainting the water tower, repainting prominent business buildings, power-washing the sidewalks and repainting the curbs, painting flower boxes, weeding areas around town and putting up city banners.

With enough help, cleaning up the town for the summer should be a snap. Contact Mike Stavig at for more information on how to help. Anyone wanting to lend a hand should gather at the city’s boat launch area at 8:30.

Nick Delin, owner of the hardware store in Toledo, has offered to host a BBQ behind his store for all volunteers at 12:30, for lunch.