Efforts to reinvigorate Toledo are moving forward after last week’s Vision:TOLEDO town meeting, and organizers are excited that the movement’s momentum has not slowed. There are so many tourist-friendly events planned for this summer that Vision:TOLEDO volunteers are planning a big spring cleaning day next month.

“Community pride develops when we work together,” said Mike Stavig, one of the Vision:TOLEDO organizers in charge of the city clean-up day, set for June 4. “We are looking to identify clean-up projects we see in our community.” Stavig said Vision:CLEAN UP TOLEDO needs more community members and groups to step forward and take on certain clean-up projects. If you have ideas about areas in town that could use a little spring cleaning or if you want to help plan the clean up, contact Mike at mikes@toledotel.com.

“People are looking for community,” said Rob Nollan, one of the Vision:TOLEDO organizers who helped explain the data collected from the 139 surveys received since February. “People want a place where they can connect and somewhere that provides community.” Nollan said the surveys showed that Toledo residents are proud of their schools and businesses and churches, but a large percentage of respondents admitted to doing most of their shopping and dining outside of town. He said there is often a “disconnect” in people’s minds between their desire to have successful local businesses in town and the reality that they need to actually shop at these local businesses in order for them to be successful.