Vision:TOLEDO is pleased to announce another exciting new effort to make the Greater Toledo Community a better place to live!

The new plan is to create a student-centered learning program that integrates current curriculum though a Toledo Elementary School garden, with plans to extend the project for middle school and high school student. A school garden for the Toledo School District is a project spearheaded by Deidre and Stephan Dillon of Toledo, with backgrounds rooted in an appreciation of organic gardening, and nutrition and wellness.  The Dillons are committed to support this project and make a difference for the children of Toledo.  Some of the program goals are:

  • provide on-site field trips
  • provide hands on learning
  • connect whole food with nutrition
  • provide mentoring opportunities for older students as well as community members
  • connect students with the community
  • teach sustainability
  • provide motivation for the unmotivated learner through real world connections
  • provide endless data for writing, journalism, graphing, charting…
  • help students connect with the environment
  • promote healthy lifestyles
  • and more!

The Dillons have already begun forming partnerships and recruiting volunteers to make this project a reality. If you are interested in being a part of creating the new Toledo Elementary School garden and horticulture program, please email Deidre at